Direct Sales Success – ’15 Things’ Will Show You Success

A regional sales manager that shared an idea with me, that was so simple, I couldn’t believe it would work.

But it does. Like gang busters.

Women are notorious for making horrendously long lists, and in the process, we never complete them, never feel accomplished, and never think about making their lists SHORTER. Imagine how much more unruly these lists are when you’re a Mom, Wife, Author and Network Marketer!

Yep, I’m busy. But there are days when I feel like I’m going in circles, chasing my own tail.

So my manager said, “Take a piece of paper and divide it into 3 sections. Label each section: Family, Home, and Work. Then, list 5 things in each area you need to accomplish for the day, and work on those first. START with the item you dread the most. Think of how much happier you’ll feel when you get the toughest job out of the way first.”

I could end the article there, and you’d have plenty to keep you busy. But I like to write, so I have a couple of additional thoughts to share.

I struggle with doing things for myself. Between writing, doing my party plan business, the kids and my husband, I rarely take time out just for me. I can always find SOMETHING that needs to be done. So when I was scheduling my “family” activities, I would forget that I, too, am part of the family. So I created more sections on my paper and added more things to do.

Bad idea.

Stick to 15 things. When I created 5 sections instead of 3, I put 5 things in each area, but found I wasn’t getting everything done. That left me feeling frustrated, disappointed, and disgruntled. Now my 5 sections have only 3 items a piece. And it feels SO good when I cross everything off on my short lists. It motivates me to finish up more quickly. Then I have the choice of adding more items to a list, or continuing with other activities in my day.

Instead of a piece of paper, I use Mark Joyner’s free Simpleology program, and just write down my “to do’s” in there. Plus, I help protect the environment, because I’m not using all that paper every day. The Simpleology program keeps track of everything – no misplaced lists to worry about! Plus it archives my lists, so I can review my accomplishments over time – which really helps me feel better about my work.

Burden lifted. Missions accomplished – and usually with time to spare. My kids and my husband are enjoying the “kinder, gentler” me, now that I’ve got a handle on my schedule and my once unruly lists.

Fun Sports Cars That Are Surprisingly Cheap

If you are wondering what sports cars come with a cheaper price tag, then here are a few popular models found in car sales in Wellington.

Mazda MX-5 Miata.
Although Mazda is not really synonymous with sports cars, this model is considered one of the best sports cars ever made. The Mazda MX-15 Miata has been a fan favourite since it debuted well over two decades ago and for good reason. Its lightweight design makes it incredibly quick off the line and agile in turns. The newly released version has kept all these features but also given you even more power than before with its new engine that gives an extra 20 horsepower compared to previous models which were already quite powerful at 167 horsepower. This car performs exceptionally well on the road, especially when you’re looking for something fun and cheap to drive around town or just out on some open roads.

Mazda offers a great driving experience together with features such as a spacious and comfortable interior, a rear-view camera (especially helpful when you want to parallel park), and great sound system.

This car takes the prize for “cheapest sports car” because of its price tag. Although this may be one of the cheapest sports cars out there right now, we still think that it has enough power to do what other more expensive models can do while being significantly cheaper in cost. This little hatchback might look like nothing special on the outside but once you get inside and experiment with some features such as cruise control or Bluetooth calling and music streaming capabilities, you will certainly be surprised.

Nissan 370Z.
Nissan too is a car brand that you might not expect to be on this list of cheapest sports cars, but the Nissan 370Z is currently one of the least expensive models you can get. This car has some up-to-date features that are common in more modern vehicles such as speed sensitive volume control and Bluetooth calling while also offering premium audio system with satellite radio compatibility. The exterior design is sleek while the interior offers leather trimmings which make it look like a more high-end model rather than a budget version of an entry level sports car.

This particular vehicle comes loaded with standard features including navigation, voice recognition technology (voice activated controls), back up camera display screen and LED lights among many others. The best part about this vehicle? You won’t be lacking in driving capabilities or technology when you purchase it.

Chevrolet Camaro SS.
The Chevrolet Camaro is an American sports car produced by Chevrolet since 2009. It is available in coupe and convertible body styles with a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic transmission. The V-Series performance variant of the Camaro SS (Super Sport) had been powered by the LSA engine, which was previously used on several high-end GM vehicles. The Camaro has a sleek body design.

Ford Mustang GT.
The Mustang (from any year) is another hot favourite when it comes to sports cars. The Mustang has a sleek and stylish exterior design along with an impressive interior layout, making it one of the top-rated sports cars in the world. This classic car is available at many used car dealers in Wellington.

Mustangs have great appeal because they are affordable, powerful sports cars. The reason why Mustangs are so popular is because of their outstanding features and amenities that make them appealing to the masses while still having some raw horsepower under the hood.

The Mustang offers a lot in terms of power too with its V-series engine which gives out 435 horsepower on most models. It may not be comparable to other expensive sportscars, but it is more than enough when you consider how cheap this car actually is.

Audi TT RS Quattro.
Audi cars have been defined by Quattro for years, and Audi TT RS Quattro is no exception. With its powerful engine that puts out 400 horsepower, it is certainly not a car you want to miss out on driving.

The price tag may seem pretty high but once again, the quality and experience provided here are definitely worth it when you consider this as an investment in your future. It doesn’t disappoint either when it comes to performance with 0-100 km/h being covered in just under half a minute. This will probably be one of the most satisfying cars around, simply because everything about it screams perfection.

Porsche Cayman S.
Who doesn’t like to own a Porsche right? If you’re looking into getting yourself one but are on a bit of a budget then this is the sports car for you.

What makes it so special? Well, nothing less than what’s expected from Porsche; great performance and stunning design. The engine under its hood has got 350 horsepower which allows 0-100 km/h in just over six seconds, and if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also enhanced it with Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), 20-inch wheels as well as Bi-Xenon headlights to make each ride even more exciting. This model looks amazing too and has a beautiful interior with leather seats, sports steering wheel and so on.

Marketing Strategies – Making Indirect Marketing Work for You

What is “indirect” marketing? It is quite different than its opposite, “direct” marketing. Indirect marketing is indeed a more passive strategy. It often times happens on its own through actions that are not as aggressive and/ or channeled as direct approaches.

Direct marketing, on the other hand, is more self-explanatory. People employ direct marketing when they publish their ads in the papers, magazines, online, and on the radio. Direct marketing also takes advantage of direct mail operations and the cold calling method. Direct marketing means to literally take an active role in the selling process.

Indirect marketing though does not involve a specific product or service or goal. With this technique, one is not intentionally working to push their work onto a prospective client. You are using indirect strategies when you perform a number of related activities, such as participating in community events, writing articles for publication, engaging in public speaking events, and posting blogs on the Internet. Similarly, existing clients who have had positive experiences with your company can also contribute to your indirect marketing through their word of mouth advertising.

What business owner has not experienced some form of indirect marketing benefit? Surely you have had that certain phone call- the one in which an inquirer states that he or she is in need of assistance but is not sure if you are the one that can provide it. Many companies receive such calls, but handling them in a certain manner is crucial.

In these situations, it is a good idea to begin by having the caller identify their issue. Then you can more easily analyze whether or not you can offer the product or service that would be of benefit. If so, describing the options that you provide is necessary, but what is more is that this can be done in such a way as to accurately match the description of what they are seeking. It might be appropriate to also explain several different possibilities that you are aware of that could serve their needs.

Know that in this situation much of the credibility component of the business relationship has been established. You probably do not need to go into your background or qualifications. After all, the inquirer called your office. They basically already believe that you have the potential to assist them.

With these types of interactions, the end result may not always evolve into a sale. Be okay with this. You may not have the solution required for their unique situation. Likewise, they may have reservations about pricing or other costs or financing. Sometimes people just need time to process and think about their options before they commit to purchasing. In any case, keeping the conversation helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable can make the difference.

These random calls can be extremely affective to your business. It is always best to strive for the most positive experience on the phone as possible. Especially if your company is new and just starting out, it is very important to make sure that the nature of each call handled is done so with the best of intentions. These efforts of communication, no matter how brief, are examples of the public’s dealings with you. This is your chance to explain the basis of your work and really promote your image. Pleasantness and kindness should be the goal for all such activity.

If you are completing such tasks presently to boost your indirect marketing, but are feeling discouraged at the lack of apparent response, don’t be. Remember that this genre of marketing works more slowly and often times has to build momentum.

There are so many other ways that you can magnify your indirect marketing possibilities. You could participate in any of the following activities, such as teaching in community or national workshops, holding city offices or serving on boards and committees, volunteering, and agreeing to speak to other businesses at local events. You can also compose educational articles and the answers to frequently ask questions. These can be published on other sites online with affiliate businesses or associations. Other executives utilize the power of press releases. These can be used to circulate free or low cost reports and are available via the public contacting you.

Each marketing strategy has its strengths and challenges, and both can prove fruitful in the long run. Keep yourself conscious of indirect techniques and be sure that you are not ignoring this avenue altogether. A combination of different marketing techniques can help you to build your business the way that you would like.