The Most Luxurious Cars You Can Buy

today. However, if cash flow is tight there are still some great options out there for you. One thing to remember is that luxury cars most often need specially qualified professionals for servicing and repairs, as their makeup can be quite different and special tools are needed. If you are thinking of buying a luxury car, make sure that you also find a reputed place that provides European car service in Wellington.

Here are some popular models of luxury used cars for sale in Wellington.

The Tesla Model S.
The Tesla, in recent times, has become a very popular luxury car. It is a fully electric vehicle, meaning no gas and oil to worry about, and no emissions that harm the environment. This luxury sedan operates using an advanced lithium-ion battery pack that can be charged in your garage or at one of the numerous supercharger stations across the country. The Model S offers several different drive modes depending on what you’re doing with it; Standard mode gives around 240 miles per charge while Sport mode gets closer to 300.

The cabin features two rear-facing seats for passengers who don’t mind sitting backwards and all models feature front trunk space as well as a large frunk (front trunk). All controls are operated through an enormous 17-inch touchscreen display mounted centrally between the driver and passenger seat which displays speed, range information, music, and so much more.

The Tesla Model S is a luxury electric car that was built by Tesla Motors from 2008 to 2016 and then revived in 2017. It is hard not to love this sleek beast which boasts some incredible technology like Autopilot self-driving features offered as an upgrade package when purchasing the car or standard equipment on higher end models.

Bentley Mulsanne.
The Bentley has been a classic favourite when it comes to luxury cars for many years. It is the car of choice for royalty and celebrities alike, with a price to match in most markets around the world. The Bentley Mulsanne was first introduced in 1980 as an update on former models by combining traditional luxury design with state-of-the-art technology including newly added power steering that increased comfort when driving one of these cars. Today, it is considered one of the top luxury cars available which comes equipped with dual zone climate control air conditioning systems, keyless entry/start features, high performance audio system and much more depending on the model purchased.

The newer version also boasts impressive safety equipment like blind spot monitoring systems fitted at both front corners of vehicle plus adaptive cruise control feature allowing driver to set speed without needing to actually hold a constant pressure on throttle.

Rolls Royce Wraith.
The Rolls Royce is another classic favourite luxury car. The newer model of this vehicle is the most powerful Rolls Royce ever produced, thanks to a twin turbo V12 engine capable of producing up to 600 horsepower (about 444 kW). It is important to note that there are many luxury vehicles on the market today but these mentioned here are some of best available for purchase by anyone who can afford them.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster.
The Italian made Lamborghini Aventador Roadster is a luxury car manufactured by Lamborghini and it’s one of the most expensive cars on this list. It has a powerful V12 engine with four-wheel drive system, seven speed transmission plus all wheel independent suspension for superior handling and performance. This luxurious car also comes equipped with carbon ceramic brakes for increased stopping power in addition to keyless entry/start feature too. High end sound systems are standard equipment which includes an iPod hook up as well as easy Bluetooth streaming from android devices or iPhones. The Aventador LP 700-41 roadster can go from 0 to 60 mph in just under three seconds only so it’s not surprising that this beautiful vehicle costs quite a pretty penny today.

Lamborghinis are very popular sports cars in the luxury car category. There are many luxurious cars you can buy today but none of them compare to Lamborghini’s for speed, beauty and overall performance on or off the road.

The Aventador LP 700-41 is one of the most luxurious cars in production today with an interior that has suede accents throughout including headliner. This high-end sports vehicle also comes equipped with a carbon fibre front spoiler plus rear diffuser which was designed by the engineers along with other important features like magnetorheological damping system, pushrod suspension in addition to the V12 engine. The all-wheel drive feature ensures excellent handling around turns while also making this supercar very safe as well especially during inclement weather.

Pagani Huayra BC.
The Pagani may not be a very common car you see on the road but it is certainly one of the most luxurious cars available. It has a twin turbo V12 engine with an all-wheel drive system which ensures excellent handling during turns while making this supercar very safe as well especially during inclement weather and bumps along the way.

Mercedes Benz Maybach S600 Pullman Guard Carriage Edition.
The name Mercedes Benz has always been synonymous with luxury and elegance and this is the reason why it has been a top luxury brand since its inception. This model of Mercedes Benz features an innovative design as well as an excellent drive system to ensure that you are comfortable when in your car. Other features of the Mercedes Benz include a rear seat entertainment system that allows you to play your favourite movies and music.

Mercedes Benz has always been one of, if not THE most luxurious brands in the world with cars like Maybach S600 Pullman Guard Carriage Edition.

A luxury car is a symbol of success. It is an expression of who you are and what your values are. They can be expensive, but they also represent the best that money can buy, with every detail refined to perfection. Luxury cars provide us with more than just transportation; they give us much-needed peace of mind when we need it most; a place where nothing else matters except for our own desires and dreams. The next time you’re feeling stressed or worried about life’s daily stresses, take a moment to think about all the reasons why buying a luxury vehicle could help make things better.


The advantages may not be promptly evident, yet here is a portion of the main ones that you can expect when you welcome an Event chief on board to assist with arranging your organization’s next significant party, retreat, or meeting. Except if your organization is an Event the executive’s organization, odds are you don’t have a clue what to do with regards to arranging an enormous scope Event. How about we investigate the advantages of Hiring an Event director to design your organization’s next Event.

One of the principal things to happen when you plunk down with your Event planner is that they will ask you what sort of Event you are wanting to have. This will be followed up by asking what your assumptions are. These will incorporate the size of the scene, the number of individuals joining in, expected amusement, possible menu, and financial plan. They will then, at that point, work with you to make a dream that can be transformed into a serviceable activity plan. They get those elusive subtleties together and transform them into something astounding for when the Event at long last shows up.

Arranging an Event can convey bunches of liability with it. There are heaps of various parts of an event that should be thought of and set up, and doing this without anyone else’s help can now and again turn into somewhat distressing and tedious. Hiring an Event organizer can drop a tremendous load from your shoulders, as it surrenders the obligation of arranging the Event to them and you can have confidence that all parts of the Event will be coordinated precisely as you’d like.

Regardless style of Event you are arranging, whether this is a birthday celebration or a wedding, there is such a huge amount to ponder and it can undoubtedly get on top of you. Subsequently, having an Event organizer is a certain fire method for freeing you from this obligation and permits you to unwind and partake in the event when it comes around realizing that all that has been coordinated and is set up.

In this way, we figured we would discuss a portion of the advantages of Hiring an Event organizer.

1 It saves time

Frequently when you start arranging an Event, you don’t exactly acknowledge exactly how tedious it truly is. It requires some investment to go to the entirety of the better subtleties and make the vital courses of action. This is a time that you may not really bring to the table, and assuming you can’t commit sufficient opportunity to arrange the event, it can become upsetting and things may not get organized or booked suitably.

Giving the obligation over to an Event organizer implies that you will save a ton of time and will not need to stress over finishing everything. All things considered, you can educate the Event organizer regarding precisely what you need for the afternoon and give a spending plan and they will deal with it for you.

2 It permits you to zero in on the more significant things

With Event arranging, it’s not with regards to the large things, such as picking a scene or picking your list of attendees. Indeed, there are countless little subtleties that you presumably haven’t considered. Employing an Event organizer implies that you can pass on these subtleties to them and spotlight on the more significant things.

For instance, assuming you are arranging a wedding you should give up things like providing food courses of action, protection, evening diversion, and so forth to your Event organizer so you can commit concentration to the more significant things, such as picking the right scene. This will permit you an opportunity to explore and proceed to visit various scenes so you can track down the ideal area.

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3 Event organizers have a great deal of involvement

Probably the best thing about employing an Event organizer is that they can offer their expert understanding. Having arranged a wide range of various Events previously, they will have significant information and understanding and have the option to propose suggestions and recommend things to you to make your Event all that it might conceivably be. Moreover, they will assist with guaranteeing that your dreams for the day become a reality.

4 Managing a financial plan

Event arranging can find bunches of expenses rapidly. While you might have a general financial plan set, knowing how much cash to apportion to every space can get somewhat precarious. Hence, Hiring an Event organizer will assist a ton with this, as they will actually want to assist you with relegating a financial plan to every space of the Event. Just as this, they will be educated with the cash and focus on least enjoy with the greatest effect.

5 Your Event will run as expected

While Hiring an Event organizer, one thing is ensured, and that will be that your Event will run as expected. They will deal with everything for yourself and guarantee that all aspects of the Event including cooking, style, diversion, and scene booking are totally coordinated and prepared for the afternoon. This implies that you won’t need to stress over anything and on second thought can basically proceed to partake in the Event!

Around here at Petrus Events, we sort out all houses of Events. Assuming you might want to address us about arranging an Event, absolutely reach out to us through our contact page and we will gladly help.

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Fun Sports Cars That Are Surprisingly Cheap

If you are wondering what sports cars come with a cheaper price tag, then here are a few popular models found in car sales in Wellington.

Mazda MX-5 Miata.
Although Mazda is not really synonymous with sports cars, this model is considered one of the best sports cars ever made. The Mazda MX-15 Miata has been a fan favourite since it debuted well over two decades ago and for good reason. Its lightweight design makes it incredibly quick off the line and agile in turns. The newly released version has kept all these features but also given you even more power than before with its new engine that gives an extra 20 horsepower compared to previous models which were already quite powerful at 167 horsepower. This car performs exceptionally well on the road, especially when you’re looking for something fun and cheap to drive around town or just out on some open roads.

Mazda offers a great driving experience together with features such as a spacious and comfortable interior, a rear-view camera (especially helpful when you want to parallel park), and great sound system.

This car takes the prize for “cheapest sports car” because of its price tag. Although this may be one of the cheapest sports cars out there right now, we still think that it has enough power to do what other more expensive models can do while being significantly cheaper in cost. This little hatchback might look like nothing special on the outside but once you get inside and experiment with some features such as cruise control or Bluetooth calling and music streaming capabilities, you will certainly be surprised.

Nissan 370Z.
Nissan too is a car brand that you might not expect to be on this list of cheapest sports cars, but the Nissan 370Z is currently one of the least expensive models you can get. This car has some up-to-date features that are common in more modern vehicles such as speed sensitive volume control and Bluetooth calling while also offering premium audio system with satellite radio compatibility. The exterior design is sleek while the interior offers leather trimmings which make it look like a more high-end model rather than a budget version of an entry level sports car.

This particular vehicle comes loaded with standard features including navigation, voice recognition technology (voice activated controls), back up camera display screen and LED lights among many others. The best part about this vehicle? You won’t be lacking in driving capabilities or technology when you purchase it.

Chevrolet Camaro SS.
The Chevrolet Camaro is an American sports car produced by Chevrolet since 2009. It is available in coupe and convertible body styles with a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic transmission. The V-Series performance variant of the Camaro SS (Super Sport) had been powered by the LSA engine, which was previously used on several high-end GM vehicles. The Camaro has a sleek body design.

Ford Mustang GT.
The Mustang (from any year) is another hot favourite when it comes to sports cars. The Mustang has a sleek and stylish exterior design along with an impressive interior layout, making it one of the top-rated sports cars in the world. This classic car is available at many used car dealers in Wellington.

Mustangs have great appeal because they are affordable, powerful sports cars. The reason why Mustangs are so popular is because of their outstanding features and amenities that make them appealing to the masses while still having some raw horsepower under the hood.

The Mustang offers a lot in terms of power too with its V-series engine which gives out 435 horsepower on most models. It may not be comparable to other expensive sportscars, but it is more than enough when you consider how cheap this car actually is.

Audi TT RS Quattro.
Audi cars have been defined by Quattro for years, and Audi TT RS Quattro is no exception. With its powerful engine that puts out 400 horsepower, it is certainly not a car you want to miss out on driving.

The price tag may seem pretty high but once again, the quality and experience provided here are definitely worth it when you consider this as an investment in your future. It doesn’t disappoint either when it comes to performance with 0-100 km/h being covered in just under half a minute. This will probably be one of the most satisfying cars around, simply because everything about it screams perfection.

Porsche Cayman S.
Who doesn’t like to own a Porsche right? If you’re looking into getting yourself one but are on a bit of a budget then this is the sports car for you.

What makes it so special? Well, nothing less than what’s expected from Porsche; great performance and stunning design. The engine under its hood has got 350 horsepower which allows 0-100 km/h in just over six seconds, and if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also enhanced it with Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), 20-inch wheels as well as Bi-Xenon headlights to make each ride even more exciting. This model looks amazing too and has a beautiful interior with leather seats, sports steering wheel and so on.

Marketing Momentum, Newton’s First Law Of Motion And Your Dental Marketing

Here’s the scenario: You’re booked 1 and a half months out, new patients are calling (about 1 a day) you just can’t seem to catch up with all the treatment you have diagnosed…What do you do?

Well, the answer I get most often is to STOP MARKETING. Why have patients call when they have to wait 2 months just to get in for their first appointment. It seems better to stop marketing, and start up again when you need patients.

There is one very important thing to consider when you decide to stop marketing. Some call it the snowball effect, we call it MARKETING MOMENTUM.

Newton’s First Law of Motion States: Every object in a state of motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it. This simply means if something is moving or standing still, it will continue moving or standing still unless a force is applied. A force like friction, gravity, or a physical push.

When a doctor starts up a marketing program like our Simple Green Postcard Program, we talk about average results, the momentum, and what they will see happen in the next few months. They’ll see schedules start to fill up, and patients will seem to “drop out of the sky.”

These same patients can’t wait to start treatment, and pretty soon you’re booked solid, whether it is directly traced to the Simple Green Program or not.

When you put a marketing program in place that is hands free, simple, and consistent, it creates a buzz, an excitement both inside and outside the office, and things start gaining momentum. You’ve put an object in motion, and as long as you continue that object will stay in motion.

Think of your marketing as a playground swing. You push at timed intervals and the swing goes higher and higher. Finally, you’ve reached the highest the swing will go, so you stop pushing. The momentum of the swing dies down until eventually it comes to a stop.

It takes a lot more energy to get that swing back up to the top again rather than the small amount of effort it took once you had things going.

Back to dentistry, you still have a problem with booking people 2 months out. This is a problem many many practices would love to have, and frankly, it’s not a problem at all, but another marketing tool. One of the biggest selling points of a practice is its exclusivity.

You now have a schedule that is booked solid for two months, it doesn’t get more exclusive than that.

When patients look at it, they’ll ask themselves what dental practice they would rather go to the one that has no patients, or the one that is so good, it has patients lined up at the door.

I personally would choose #2 because that practice must be good and must be doing something right. And trust me, people don’t mind waiting to go to the dentist. In fact, people love to wait for anything, just look at the line for Starbucks every morning.

So you want to stop the marketing to catch up with your schedule. Here’s what happens:

The patients that would have called your practice, scheduled, and waited to be seen are now going to the dentist across the street (your direct competition). This does accomplish your goal and your schedule empties out.

Congratulations, the patient flow has now ceased to exist, and now, not only are you not booked out 2 months, but you now have the openings to schedule same-day appointments (if a patient calls) because you stopped marketing for new patients a few months ago.

Now you struggle to fill a days schedule, pay a front office worker and hygienist full time pay to sit around through the empty appointments, and, to top it all off, the dentist across the street is booked 2 months out, and every time you look out the window they have new patients coming in.

The worst part is, your marketing momentum has now stopped. In order to increase the new patient flow to the same level it was, you’ll have to make a big push.

Just think how great it is to show up at the practice and know you had a full schedule every day for the next couple months. Sounds like a perfect practice to me. Why would you want to stop it?

So, instead of stopping the new patient flow, what is the answer to the problem? Well, you could hire some help, or add a day to the schedule. If it got really bad and you really didn’t want patients, you could even refer them to another practice.